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I still can’t stand vi

I’ve been a fan of nano for as long as I’ve been editing a lot of text files remotely (soon to be approximately three years now). The learning curve was fairly gentle, and I gradually memorized the shortcuts I found to be useful. It was a good fit. With any programming I do, I often […]

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Analysis of Only Everything Lasts Forever

Alright, this is just too deliciously nerdy to not post about. I recently started writing some things in Processing. I will of course post about that at some point, but I found something that distracted me quite strongly a little while ago. I have been looking at lots of Processing example programs, as well as […]

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Trying out a new theme. So far I’m fairly impressed. It’s pretty minimalistic, it validates almost completely right out of the box, and it’s not incredibly messy if you want to change things. My old theme wasn’t well-documented, nor well-supported, and it was beginning to get really dicey with some things. On top of all […]

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4th July, Pittsburgh

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Because in an under-regulated, greed-driven environment, profit always supersedes public responsibility.

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