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Deep Freeze and the blinking Microsoft Office button: annoyance at its finest

If you’ve ever used Office 2007, I’m sure you’re familiar with this eyesore: Microsoft’s support site states: Why does the Office Button blink? The Office Button should only blink when you have not clicked the button to view the commands. The blinking is a “look at me/click here” feature, because many people think that the […]

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How to live with Rhythmbox’s custom sorting feature

Rhythmbox has a feature which allows you to enter a custom sort name for tracks’ artist and album field. So for example, if I wanted tracks by The Knife to appear amongst the Ks in my library, I could specify the sort name “Knife, The” for those tracks. Same for albums. This sounds like a […]

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I type weird

Recently I bought a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. Upon starting to use it, I immediately noticed that I have some pretty bizarre typing habits. Let me start by saying that I’m a touch-typist (in the sense that I type without looking), and I use the Dvorak layout on every computer I use (if I’m […]

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I still can’t stand vi

I’ve been a fan of nano for as long as I’ve been editing a lot of text files remotely (soon to be approximately three years now). The learning curve was fairly gentle, and I gradually memorized the shortcuts I found to be useful. It was a good fit. With any programming I do, I often […]

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Analysis of Only Everything Lasts Forever

Alright, this is just too deliciously nerdy to not post about. I recently started writing some things in Processing. I will of course post about that at some point, but I found something that distracted me quite strongly a little while ago. I have been looking at lots of Processing example programs, as well as […]

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