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Videos I made.


I played around with an interesting program called Evolvotron recently. The author of the program, Tim Day, summarizes it as… an interactive “generative art” application for Linux to evolve images/textures/patterns/animations through an iterative process of random mutation and user-selection driven evolution. (This process is also often referred to as “evolutionary art” or “genetic art”.) If […]

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Everybody died

This is what I thought was actually said the first time I watched this scene from Exorcist: The Beginning. Of course, the line was: “Who buried them? Everybody died; who buried them?”, but I didn’t hear it correctly. So I made this clip to illustrate how stupid this scene seemed to be when I watched […]

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THT Cooɔ

Purely for fun.

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18 inches of snow in time lapse

Edit: I sped it up so it runs a little over 2 minutes. See full post for original slower version.

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Time Lapse

Probably the forerunner of better quality videos. The camera can do much better than this, but I haven’t quite figured out all the options of the capture utility yet.

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