Similarity 5

I suspect that Marble Hornets, the creator of the ongoing slender man-themed YouTube series, draws inspiration from Grant Morrison’s comic book series The Invisibles.

Here is a frame capture from Marble Hornets’ most recent upload, Entry ######:

Here’s a capture from Marble Hornets’ Entry #23:

This is another capture, this time from what is likely to be Marble Hornets’ other account, totheark, in the video Warning:

By now you’ve probably gotten the idea.

This is the cover from The Invisibles, Volume 6: Kissing Mister Quimper:

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  1. Posted 29 Mar 2010 at 18:19 | Permalink

    Slender Man comes from the SomethingAwful forums. I don’t know that the original so much resembled this stuff, but Marble Hornets’ interpretation comes closer. Oddly enough, I was sitting exactly where I am now when I first found that thread. I read it alone in bad lighting in a big open space. It was fucking terrifying.

    Just remember, that when you tell yourself the Slender Man isn’t real, that you make him real by thinking about him.

    I have had some pretty bad nightmares about the Slender Man.

    • Posted 29 Mar 2010 at 19:25 | Permalink

      I don’t understand where the masked man comes into the Slender Man mythos. As far as I can tell, in Marble Hornets’ videos the masked man is a separate entity from Slender Man. In Entry #23 there is the slender white doll sitting on the top step, but other than that they don’t seem to correlate. I admit I could be ignorant of any other connections (I don’t really care enough to read analyses of the series).

      I thought the series was more interesting in the earlier stages. I get tired of the wordless scrambling around in the dark. How many times can you apply digital A/V distortion effects over badly-lit, shaky pseudo-industrial scenery before you jump the shark?

      I think the recent investigation of the “slender house” (shed?) was a step in the right direction for the story. It was something that held my attention in the early videos. I like to think that Slender Man lives there, and when he is inside you can just barely see the top of his head over the sides of the house.

      I don’t know if I find Slender Man entirely creepy. It was very unsettling to watch the videos in which he’s subtly visible in the background, or in a window at night time, but I think you could get that with anything. I mean, you could use something mundane and inanimate like a piece of string that keeps reappearing under mysterious consequences, and it might become equally creepy if you do it right. We don’t have any good reasons to fear Slender Man other than his appearance and the fact that he seems to be very good at stalking people and altering memories.

    • Posted 29 Mar 2010 at 19:40 | Permalink

      Also, I am happy to have not had any nightmares about Slender Man. I don’t really get nightmares often, but when I do it’s almost always something to do with social anxiety. It’s quite rare for me to have a traditional nightmare, e.g. ones directly centered around a mysterious or fearsome entity. (Hypnagogic jerks don’t count for that, right?)

      For several months I have tried to be diligent in recording my dreams in text files. It’s not always convenient or possible for me to wake up and immediately write my dreams down, so I sometimes choose to let the less interesting ones slip away into vague plot details.

      I toy with the idea of posting my dreams online as a blog. They can be funny sometimes. The only thing is I feel like some of my dreams touch some parts of my life in a way which I’m not sure I want to share with the world. However unconscious they are, they still feel like my most visceral thoughts.

  2. Posted 25 Oct 2010 at 13:23 | Permalink

    well i think that the slender man is hardly real. they just make him real making us think that he is real, I don’t know. i hope that he is not. i mean after seeing all those videos on YOUTUBE. It’s crazy.

  3. gordo sapo
    Posted 14 Apr 2011 at 19:58 | Permalink

    . i dont know what or who is slenderman , i dont like his videos because im scare when i see slenderman and the other man , i want to know what is that or his history please who can help me . : )

  4. Jack
    Posted 7 May 2011 at 23:48 | Permalink

    I used to find Slender Man quite scary, until recently. But now I am scared again… I had a dream the other night that I was at a party and on a phone call in the bathroom with my boss. She was crying (more so weeping) about something. When I finally got it out of her: “It’s him, he’s here… He’s burned it, burned the whole house to the ground…” (continues weeping). So I exit the bathroom, and the party is deserted, the lights are off, and who do I find standing in the hallway (of darkness)? None other than slender man himself. At this point (in dreams you can acknowledge things that you haven’t been told or find out, you just know) I knew that he had killed several people and burned all of their homes down, and he had finally come for me. I don’t much remember the end of the dream, but it was one of the scariest dreams I’ve ever had…

  5. matt
    Posted 25 Jul 2011 at 23:18 | Permalink

    well the slender man is fake, he originated in a photoshop contest on something awful forums to see who could make the creepiest pictures. and as far as the masked guy goes, i believe it was either the character alex or bryan who had been brainwashed by their own paranoia

    • SN777 Divinus
      Posted 30 Jul 2011 at 04:09 | Permalink

      Not really, matt. It has been stated that he existed beforehand. The Slender Man ‘s first recorded appearance was either during the Egyptian times (though I think the “proof” is just another hieroglyph) or as a Romanian demon, depicted as a long multi-limbed skeletal figure that fed on the fears of children. Now, is he real? I can’t say for sure. All I know is that there seems to be enough to just not say that he isn’t real. The Slender Man is an interesting figure, no doubt about it. I do believe, however, that MarbleHornets’s Entries are fake.

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