Why did I download this?

Music I decided I really didn’t need to download:

  • Anything recorded live, with very few exceptions
  • …especially live tracks wherein the lead vocalist shouts the name of the song at the start of each track
  • Anything with a bit rate lower than 128 kbps
  • Singles with one track that I wanted and 3-5 tracks that are really crappy remixes of the track that I wanted
  • Anything made by a “reunion” group, unless the band’s original members just happened to suck
  • Most of Metallica’s music
  • Any of Ozzy Osborne’s solo work
  • Practically all of Bob Marley’s music. I had a taste for it until I learned that he refused to accept real treatment for cancer due to his beliefs. (He consequently died.) Sorry Bob, you were a fucking idiot and I will never hear your music the same way again.
  • Most of Propagandhi’s music… The album Where Quantity Is Job #1 was semi-accurately titled, but Where Quality Is Job #1 was not.
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